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The primary purpose of this page is to invite you to learn about Particle Physics and Cosmology. Some of the recent progress made in these fields provides monumental testimony to manís curiosity and ingenuity.  Particle History is an excellent site to begin your adventure. Talking of adventure, Particle Adventure is really the best site to learn about the exciting discoveries and inventions, which have changed manís conception of the world around us.  In fact, I like to view the advancement as a major evolutionary step. An even greater adventure is exploring the Universe Adventure site, which will bring you to the forefront of our knowledge in astronomy and cosmoloy.

Then there are sites that have been developed at the major world particle physics labs such as Fermilab, SLAC, BNL, ANL, CESR and CERN.

All sub-atomic particles known to man are listed in PDG (Particle Data Book).  By going to SPIRES site, you can search for particle physics articles published in refereed journals and in pre-print form.  Searches can be done by title, authors and dates.

If you want to find out who got the Nobel Prize in your favorite subject this year, you should go to the site marked Nobel Prizes. All prizes awarded since the beginning are recorded here with lot of details.

Quarknet is a great idea.  Every summer hundreds of school teachers are invited into particle physics lab across the country to interact with particle physicists and actually participate in particle physics experiments at the frontier of human knowledge.    


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